Official Charity Partner Announced

Official Charity Partner Announced

London Asian Film Festival are proud to announce theofficial charity partner for the 2017 festival – The Asian Circle

The 19th London Asian Film Festival will be working with The Asian Circle as our official charity partner this year to raise awareness and funds in order to support vulnerable women in South Asia.

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The UK based charity is run by successful British Asian women from diverse backgrounds and supports projects in partnership with Oxfam. Its goal is to transform the lives of women and girls in South Asia by connecting passionate women in the UK volunteering their support, skills and resources to make a difference. Given the right resources, these vulnerable women hold the key to overcoming poverty and can help change happen for themselves.

The charity is an integral part of ‘The Circle’ founded by the singer and philanthropist Annie Lennox. This is a network of like-minded women, working to respond to the challenges of vulnerable women and girls worldwide.

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What would you do if your partner decides to leave after three decades of marriage?

What would you do if your partner decides to leave after three decades of marriage?

Set in the exotic hills of North India, The Threshold, starring Neena Gupta and Rajit Kapur, is the directorial debut of eminent cinematographer Pushan Kripalani. It is a slice of life film of a north Indian (Punjabi) married couple in their 60s. After fulfilling the responsibility of getting their only son married, wife Rinku (Neena Gupta) tells her husband Raj (RajiThe Thresholdt Kapur) about her decision to leave him. Rinku, unfettered by the social consequences of her decision, yearns to experience the freedom of being on her own. Raj, burdened by the societal pressure and fear of loneliness of old age, tries to convince her to stay.

Performed with exquisite sensitivity, Neena Gupta and Rajit Kapur, through vivid interactions and gestures, express the affection and vexation that arises only from decades of living together. Pushan presents a raw and honest portrayal of a couple forced to face a harsh reality at the threshold of their lives.part1_412_00110350

The film, conceptualized by Indian lyricist and screenwriter Kausar Munir, is masterfully shot by Pushan. Neena Gupta and Rajit Kapur who were honoured with the Best Actress and Best Actor award at the 16th annual New York Indian Film Festival (NYIFF) for their roles in The Threshold elevate the film with their stalwart performance.

Does Rinku eventually leave or does Raj succeed in changing her decision? Come and find out at the screening at The Harrow Arts Centre on Saturday 11 March a part of the London Asian Film Festival 2017.

By LAFF2017 Blogger Sagar Chhatwani



After working at The Times of India & The Hindustan Times, Sagar quit the corporate life to pursue his interest in cinema. He is currently studying an MA in films at Westminster University.

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UPDATED LAFF 2017 Schedule

UPDATED LAFF 2017 Schedule

New Screenings added to LAFF lineup! Checkout the updated programme now. Please also note changes to dates and times since programme release… stay informed about what’s happening when and where. Get booking event and screenings will sell out!

All event and booking details can be found via the link below.


Memories Beyond Borders

Memories Beyond Borders

I couldn’t be more confident in saying that the 2017 London Asian Film Festival will be opening its doors to its widest audience yet as it presents to you a freshly powerful theme like no other before it: Memories Beyond Borders.

1What an achievement it is for Tongues on Fire to be shining a spotlight on independent, South Asian films that are not only crossing literal, geographical borders but are also figuratively breaking barriers between religious, cultural and ethical issues. Partitions have historically been known to create ethnic anxiety and cultural clash amongst South Asians, spurring hate and injustice throughout the Asian heritage. Even in this progressive day and age, conflicts and hostilities between class, ethnic identities, religions and cultures seems to be a prevailing force, overriding years of hard work, love and passion. So, through all this pain, if witnessing the Asian Film Festival’s celebration of unity between characters of otherwise clashing backgrounds isn’t rewarding enough, then I don’t know what is!

bazodee3Bridging gaps between South Asian and non-South Asian cultures is key in this year’s enticing selection of films. From Mango Dreams to Bazodee to Those Four Walls to Lipstick under my Burkha, I can already tell that TOF will be showcasing a diverse range of films that will make you laugh hysterically, then cry with a deep sorrow in your heart all within a matter of moments!

It’s fair to say that March is going to be one hell of a month, so be ready for it! TOF will be showcasing colourful, adventurous and most importantly, freshly original stories and modes of film-making when narrating some of the most beautifully painful journeys of courageous characters.

Mango Dreams for instance: a beautiful, ageless tale that follows a man’s quest to tie up loose ends as he ventures down a bitter-sweet memory lane. Having escaped the British The Border 300dpipartition of India, Dr. Amit Singh is forced to return to his childhood home one last time before dementia catches up with him, to face memories that have haunted him throughout his life. I can already hear the gripping words of Amit Singh ringing in my ear as I write this: “I have been running forward all my life. Running from my past. Maybe I should really go back home to my village”.

Amit says goodbye to Prashant 300dpi

The theme of ‘Memories Beyond Borders’ is a celebration of difference and remembering memories of the past, and this beautiful tale couldn’t have made that more clear.

So whether you’re looking to have a bit of a laugh with friends and family, or waiting for that perfect tearful ending to sweep you off your feet, or a history lesson nothing like the ones you have in schools, (one with a splash of colour, traditional music, dancing and stories inspired by the South Asian heritage), or to simply sit back, relax and watch a really good, well-written film, the 2017 Asian Film Festival is the place for anyone to be! So get your tickets, bring your friends and family along and enjoy the ride you’ll never forget because you’ll be making colourful memories of your own just by being there!

3By LAFF2017 Blogger Rim 



Rim Karama is a 3rd year English and Film Studies student from Queen Mary University, published author, poet and film enthusiast.

LAFF 2017 Schedule Announced

LAFF 2017 Schedule Announced

IT’S HERE! Tongues on Fire are proud to present the hugely exciting line up for the 19th edition of the London Asian Film Festival! All event and booking details can be found here.


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