UK Premiere: Chegu

UK Premiere: Chegu

Sun 31 March, 2.00pm | Rich Mix, London

Sat 6 April, 5.00pm | Phoenix Cinema, Leicester

Director: Nabamita Ghosh
India, 94 mins, 2019, Bengali with English subtitles

A fanciful teenager orphan of an Indian boy is seen wearing a t-shirt with Che Guevara print. An ardent follower of Che Guevara, Mansoor is pilloried by his stylish visage and firmly believes him to be a rock star. He comes from a dysfunctional Islamic family. It’s intriguing to know that his father had been as irresponsible as to divorce his mother through a text message. And that was so much it, in a patriarchal and chauvinistic society as his!

Unaware of the struggles and hardship that rakes a common man to pieces; Alam spends a carefree life. He cherishes his fetish for his rock star, Che Guevara and constantly tries to replicate his looks and mannerisms.

One day, curious to know more about Che, he visits a music store, asking For a CD on Che. Unable to locate a music CD, the owner provides him the CD of The Motorcycle Diaries. Baffled by what he saw in the CD — how Che entered the university to study medicine but propelled by his hunger to explore the world and discovering the poverty and hunger that reigned throughout South America, Che had this burgeoning desire to bring in a radical change in the capitalist exploitation of Latin America— he started researching on Che.

The real life of Che brought in a sea change and the otherwise reckless mind of the young boy was exacerbated by his desire to fight for his family. Influenced by Che, the young boy was faced with a choice: Either he could reform the system or watch the injustice. A call to action re-sounded within the boy and he was ready to take up the challenge upfront. The boy treaded on the same path as Che. He con-fronts all the challenges and carves a new path for himself and his family.

This screening will be followed by a Q&A with Director Nabamita Ghosh and the production team.

Venue: Rich Mix, London
Sat 31 March, 2.00pm
Ticket Price: £10.95

Venue: Phoenix Cinema, Leicester
Sat 6 April, 5.00pm