Festival Reach

Festival Reach

Festival Screenings

The UK Asian Film Festival is a ten day affair featuring a dozen or so great, interesting films plus five or six events for each festival. These fabulous events and screenings are at Central London venues such as British Film Institute and BAFTA and in the boroughs of Harrow, Brent, Hounslow and Ealing, in venues such as Harrow Arts Centre.

Festival Audience

Our events attract a mix of young people and affluent cinema lovers.

Our events include:

– Industry events which are attended by industry professionals and those hoping to get into the industry. Generally these are attended by roughly 200+ industry professionals.

– Screenings with a Q&A with the film makers and talent – these are attended by a mixture of young people and film lovers. Usually attended by 300+ people.

– Acting workshops  – run by the film talent we feature and attended by people hoping to improve their acting skills. These are smaller, personal events and are attended by 10-20 emerging artists.

– Director masterclasses – attended by people who would like to see their favourite directors at work and those who want to improve their own films. These are attended by 10-20 artists.

Our Press Coverage includes but is not limited to:

The Guardian, The Evening Standard, Metro, Mayor of London Publications, UK Star TV, BBC Asian Network, Sight and Sound, Time Out, Asian Times, Eastern Eye and B4U TV.

For more information, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

We would like to thank our previous supporters who have helped us make it this far.

They include approximately:

– A number of corporate sponsors which include but are not limited to Allied Forts Group which sponsored our Short Film competition in 2011, Air India who sponsored flight tickets for our stars and Farrell Engineering who sponsored the upkeep of our festival.

– A number of private donors such as Ravi and Jaskiran Gidar and others who wish to remain anonymous.

– We’ve also been supported by charities such as Barnados and A Time to Change and others.

– Our other supporters include community groups such as Sangam, Jaggo Punjabi Womens Group and British Pakistani association as well as many others.

– We are a franchise that offers Roadshow events as well as the ones that are based in London, throughout the UK.