LAFF Gender Equality Partnership Announced

LAFF Gender Equality Partnership Announced

The Best Film On Gender Equality award, focusing on the sensitive portrayal of women in cinema, is a very important step forward in appreciating diverse perspectives in film. Tongues on Fire is also a not for profit organisation, founded 18 years ago, whose mission is to utilise the medium of film to raise awareness, to challenge perceptions and to shift attitudes on social and cultural issues important to the South Asian diaspora.

TOF started off as a women’s festival and we have always championed the female voice, whether in terms of characters portrayed on the screen, or as the storyteller behind the scenes, in the guise of writing, directing and producing. TOF’s London Asian Film Festival is delighted to support this important award by Oxfam India and indeed, to congratulate MAMI on their 18th year of the Mumbai Film Festival. We are excited to join hands with MAMI and Oxfam India, with whom there exist so many synergies, to break down the gender barriers and inequalities that exists in our society today.

Please find additional information on the partnership and activities here on both Oxfam India and MAMI webpages.

Dr Pushpinder Chowdhry
Festival Director
Tongues on Fire London Asian Film Festival

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