Pinky Memsaab

Pinky Memsaab

Sat 30 March, 1.00pm | Filmhouse, Edinburgh

Thu 4 April, 10.00am | Glasgow Film Theatre

Sat 6 April, 5.30pm | Courthouse Hotel, Shoreditch, London

Sat 6 April, 9.00pm | Phoenix Cinema, Leicester

Sat 4 May, 3.10pm | HOME, Manchester

Director: Shazia Ali Khan
United Arab Emirates and Pakistan, 120 mins, 2018, Urdu, English, Hindi with English subtitles

Two Pakistani women from two different worlds, form an unusual bond despite the unspoken class barriers between them. Pinky, a wide-eyed village lass from Punjab, travels to Dubai to work as a maid for Mehr (the Memsaab), a beautiful and wealthy socialite and Hassan, her ambitious investment banker husband.
Burdened by her pre conceived notions and lack of exposure, Pinky initially struggles to settle down but eventually begins to come into her own, as she begins to emulate and idolize the mistress. Mehr, who has secret aspirations of her own, enjoys this adoration and takes the young maid under her wings as a “pet project” to bring about an astonishing transformation.
Things go too far, too quickly and one fateful evening, the lives of both women along with others around them is thrown into a series of uncontrollable events that threaten to destroy them from within.

Film screening will be followed by a Q&A with the film’s team.

Venue: Filmhouse, Edinburgh
Sat 30 March, 1.00pm
Ticket Price: £10

Venue: Glasgow Film Theatre
Thu 4 April, 10.00am

Venue: Courthouse Hotel, Shoreditch, London
Sat 6 April, 5.30pm
Ticket Price: £25

Venue: Phoenix Cinema, Leicester
Sat 6 April, 9.00pm

Venue: HOME, Manchester
Sat 5 May, 3.10pm