Short Film Competition

Short Film Competition

Short Film Competition | Sat 17 March, 1.30pm

The inspirational 20th annual Tongues on Fire Short Film Competition is a perfect showcase for the talents of the next generation of directors.

The Potter’s Wheel | dir. Veemsen Lama
A haggling session in a Nepal street market quickly turns tragic, and it’s up to a stingy pottery maker to make things right

Her First Time | dir. Divya Unny
A complicated birth at her hospital keeps a doctor and mother away from her daughter as she gets her first period

The Red Dress | dir. Manoj Mathew
An accidental admission after a shopping trip brings a mother and daughter closer together

Pesaa Mozhi | dir. S Raja
A pair of deaf schoolboys desperately try and bring attention to a roadside accident

Men Don’t Need Help | dir. Eshwarya Grover
Informational drama on the state of male rape victims in India. Content Warning: blood

Irupuram (Two Sides) | dir. Vipin P Vijayan
Memories and trauma become the only companions of an Indian grandfather

That Call | dir. Krishan Hooda
Two childhood friends, long separated by partition, share an emotional phone call

The Fox | dir. Henry Scriven
In modern day London, a once celebrated folk hero turns villain to rob a lonely British Asian man. Content Warning: homophobic and transphobic language

The Whale | dir. Jayesh Jaidka
A mask wearing sadist tasks his cult like followers with escalating feats of self-harm over the internet

Evidence | dir. Shashwati Talukdar
Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose was seen as a hero of the Indian Nationalist movement. He also allied with the Nazis in World War II. On top of this contradiction is his death under mysterious circumstances.

The Bridge | dir. Disha Patel-Webb
A British Pakistani woman becomes the victim of a vicious hate crime on the way to her opera audition. Content Warning: Acid attack

Honour | dir. Nirav Bhakta
After a botched honour killing by her brother, the would be victim takes her revenge

Fresh Blood | dir. Richa Rudola
A woman’s childhood fear may be her only option for freedom from her greedy step-mother

Fine | dir. Pranav Bhasin
A young woman seeks forgiveness after a drunken outburst

The Toothless Tiger | dir. Sharmin Ahammad
Sharmin is both director and subject of this documentary, remembering her Bangledeshi father much differently to her mother after his death.

This year’s Short Film Competition screening will be followed by Incredible Indies: India’s New Independent Cinema Revolution, Panel Discussion with Dr. Ashvin Devasundaram, Amarpal Gaind (Saregama and Yodlee Films), actress & producer Mamta Kaash and Vinky Singh, Digital Interfaced Media & Television Production.

Venue: Regent Street Cinema, London
Ticket Price: £8.00 / £7.00