Short Film Competition

Short Film Competition

10x10min = 100min of exclusive FREE viewing of the best Short Films selected for the 2020 UK Asian Film Festival competition. 

Nothing to do over the self-isolation period? Why not make a short film – first step, watch 10 of the best short films from the 2020 UK Asian Film Festival competition and be inspired to make your own. 

The Fire Within

Directed by Neil Parmar
A woman’s mental stability is tested when she finds out the truth about her husband’s lies and betrayal.


Directed by Jacquile Kambo
Anisha, rebels against her mother’s wishes of becoming the showstopper in the upcoming fashion show with her passion for boxing.


Directed by Sâmir Bhamra
A short musical highlighting the legality of gay marriage between countries resulting in bigamy. Sidique and Kamaal secretly marry in the UK. To pursue his music career, Kamaal marries Rukhsana in Pakistan to maintain a heterosexual façade. Will Rukhsana and Sidique break free from the boy they are both madly in love with?


Directed by Yashwardhan Goswami
When a rickshaw driver picks up a passenger, he always starts his journey with a prayer to Ram, but an assault carried out in the name of Ram changes everything.


Directed by Becca Wolff
Hassan is a shy 2nd-grade student who is selected to play the statue in the school play but his shyness prevents him from delivering his line. Will he get it right on closing night when his parents come to see the show?


Directed by Harish Vipin Parekh
Nikita finds out that her best friend is raped and questions the hypocrisy and double standards of a society that worships Goddesses.


Directed by Mohammad Ali Husainy
Megha is in a desperate situation and looking for some help. Would she be comfortable in asking for help from a boy?


Directed by Viraj Juneja
Jay, a modern British Indian who can’t speak Punjabi is invited to meet his girlfriend Simran’s traditional Punjabi parents for the first time leading to comic misunderstanding.


Directed by Tanya Bansal
A short documentary about the migrant people living under a flyover in Delhi, India.


Directed by Nathalia Syam
A young man prepares to meet his future bride, but he has to deal with his own internal conflict first.