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Fri 24 March 8.30pm


Abhi - This is the journey he was talking about 300dpi The Border 300dpi Streets of Jaipur 300dpi

Dr. Amit Singh ran first from partition, now from fast-approaching dementia and a looming/doomed nursing home.

Having escaped the British partition of India, he must return to his childhood home, to face memories that have haunted his life one last time before dementia catches up with him. And before he is committed to a nursing home by his son. Salim, a Muslim rickshaw driver agrees to drive the Hindu doctor to his destination not aware of the complicated journey that lies ahead. Sharing their haunting past with each other, the pair forge a warm-hearted friendship that gives new meaning to solace. Humour-filled, Mango Dreams will take you on a journey. Destination? Unknown.

USA. 2016. 93 minutes, English.

Followed by Q&A

Sat 25 March 6pm


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After their newly married son and wedding guests have left, a wife decides to leave her husband. Tucked away in a house on the hills, in the picturesque Himalayas, the couple prepare for a harsh winter of home truths that have been left untouched during their two decades of marriage. Through emotional confrontation and sweet reminiscing, the couple struggle to define their relationship.

This is one day in the life of two people who strive to seek themselves.

India. 2016. 87 minutes, Hindi and English with English subtitles.

Followed by Q&A

Sat 25 March 8.30pm


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The birth of Mantostaan lends its foundations to a deep historical mosaic of four of the most controversial and burning short stories dictated by legendary and critically acclaimed Urdu writer, Saadat Hassan Manto (Khol Do, Thanda Ghosht, Assignment and Aakhri Salute). Haunting yet humorous, this dark satire unveils the gritty side of human beings that exhaled from the 1947 India-Pakistan partition. Encountering extreme and irrevocable incidents of terror and bloodshed, we endure the sufferings of the common man and learn of how human beings are their own enemy. Friend or foe.

India. 92 minutes. Urdu with English subtitles.

Followed by Q&A

Sun 26 March 3.30pm


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Mazar single dove Jail exercise William watches Janan

Loneliness and isolation create three intersecting stories, of William, Professor Rahul and Janan, a woman who travels to the UK for IVF treatment in her longing for a child. Janan returns to Afghanistan pregnant, where she learns that William, the medical sciences student who performed her insemination, switched the donor’s semen to his own. Distraught Janan now faces an inevitable conflict, as she learns of William’s family history and inescapable connection to the wars in her homeland.

Afghanistan. 85 minutes. Dari, Hindi and English with English subtitles.

Followed by Q&A with Director Hassan Nazer


Sun 26 March 6pm


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Tangled within a traditional, conservative society four females seek freedom from their monotonous lives as we follow them through their rebellious journey to self-fulfilment. A burkha-clad college girl aspiring to be a pop-singer with all the trimmings, a care-free and two-timing beautician seeking escape from her claustrophobic town, an oppressed housewife who is not just a baby-making machine but a well-earning saleswoman, and widower, Auntie Usha, living through fictional character Rosy, rediscovers lust through a phone romance with a handsome hunk.

The film courageously gives voice to every female who is hiding secret dreams and inner desires. The red lipstick of four feisty women, is the pivot of this story.

India. 2016. 132 minutes. Hindi with English subtitles.

Followed by Q&A



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