Toxification + Daughters of the Polo God

Toxification + Daughters of the Polo God

Sun 31 March, 1.00pm | Filmhouse, Edinburgh

Director: Roopa Barua
India, 33 mins, English and Meitelon with English subtitles

The north Indian state of Punjab was said to have produced enough food to feed the entire country during the Green Revolution. However, the overuse of chemicals introduced to enhance production has poisoned the water with carcinogens and created an infertile soil addicted to chemicals. As the land is dependent, so are more and more farmers becoming addicted to drugs, which help them to work longer hours in the fields. The expense of the chemicals and drugs forces farmers to take loans from ‘Arthis’, the rich middlemen who increase their interest rates without warning. Over 50,000 farmers have committed suicide in the last ten years, by drinking the toxic chemicals that are murdering Punjabi soil.

Screening alongside documentary:

Daughters of the Polo God

Director: Roopa Barua
India 2018, 33mins, English and Manipuri with English subtitles

The shimmering emerald state of Manipur, India is the birthplace of modern polo with men having played there for several hundred years. Now it’s the turn for the young maidens to charge forward. A young polo sisterhood is developing in Manipur that ploughs on in spite of adversity and political turmoil. They are intensely connected to their sacred Manipuri pony and play an international tournament every year. Roopa Barua film is a tribute to these polo players, the modern Manipuri women and the saving the pony campaign.

In collaboration with CEMVO Scotland/EMEN. This screening will be followed by a Q&A with director Rehmat Rayatt.

Venue: Filmhouse, London
Sun 31 March, 1.00pm
Ticket Price: £10