UK Premiere: Vardaniya, Beti Ek Vardaan

UK Premiere: Vardaniya, Beti Ek Vardaan

Sun 31 March, 4.00pm | Regent Street Cinema, London

Director: Alok Kushwaha
India, 101 mins, Hindi with English subtitles
Sponsored By Vimmi Dhillon and Supported by Binti Period
Pyari is no ordinary girl. On the eve of a cycling competition, she experiences her first period and is unable to participate as her mother is too poor to spend money on sanitary pads. Unwilling to miss out on life’s experiences, Pyari uses her creativity to make a sanitary pad only to be ostracised by society and forced to conform.

The death of her best friend galvanises Pyari to regain her will and challenge anyone who stands in her path of making and distributing pads for girls in her school illustrating a movement of saving and educating a female child.

Film screening followed by Q&A with the films team

Venue: Regent Street Cinema, London
Sat 31 March, 4.00pm
Ticket Price: £20.00