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Dukhtar is a Pakistani drama-thriller film directed, produced and written by Afia Nathaniel.

The film stars Samiya Mumtaz, Mohib Morza, Saleha Aref, Asif Khan, Ajab Gul and Samina Ahmad.

In the mountains of Pakistan lives a Pashtun family headed by an

old patriarch married to a much younger woman, Allah Rakhi. They

have a ten-year-old daughter, Zainab. One day, the father breaks

the news that he has given away his daughter to a powerful tribal

leader in marriage to settle a bloody feud.

Allah Rakhi’s worst fear is coming true, as Zainab’s life, which has

barely begun is about to end.10435702_342366965932492_1915250103447869400_n

On the morning of Zainab’s wedding day, Allah Rakhi pulls off a

daring escape with her daughter, and begins her journey into the

unknown. The hunt for the mother and the daughter begins in earnest.

The escape represents a damning act of dishonour to the family

punishable only by death.

On the road, Allah Rakhi and Zainab meet a truck driver, Sohail, who

helps them thinking they need a ride to the next stop. As the men

begin to pursue his truck, he finds out their true identity and purpose,

and realizes his life is in as much danger as theirs since

anyone helping the runaway mother and child would be caught and

punished as well.

As the relentless chase intensifies, Sohail has no course except to

devise an escape plan in the formidable winter landscape where

they can be betrayed by any stranger. As Allah Rakhi, Sohail and

Zainab continue their journey together, their destinies now

entwined, Allah Rakhi finds herself falling for a man she is forbidden

to love.

Carefully dodging the fearsome, far-reaching influence of the tribal

leader, the trio embarks on an epic journey through the sweeping

landscape of Pakistan where the search for freedom and love

comes with a price.

2014, Pakistan, 93mins, Urdu/Pashto with subtitles

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