Directors Masterclass With Farah Khan

The London Asian Film Festival was proud to have director Farah Khan, as our guest speaker. She’s the only female director in the “male dominated” Bollywood industry, whose movies has gone on and become blockbusters. She was also honored an achievement award for her achievements as a director and choreographer, by founder of LAFF, Dr. Pushpinder Chowdhry.

The director’s master class was hosted by The Mughals producer Gareth Jones. The class with Farah Khan covered all the topics such as what goes behind the thought process into making a film, how does one start with making a film, her vision as a director, and the production and producing aspect of it.

Farah also talked about how was her journey like as a director and being accepted as a director in the Hindi film industry as a woman. She said all the directors in Bollywood have to start by writing, “I wrote Main Hoon Na backwards because I wanted to fit in Shahrukh Khan as a college going student”. She said it was tough for her to prove herself as a director after years of choreography.” Farah also revealed that she originally commissioned Anurag Kashyap to write the script Main Hoon Na. Farah mentioned that superstar Shahrukh Khan is an important part of her movies, and there have been times where she has waited about three years to shoot a movie with him and it does get frustrating for her, but then in the end it’s all worth it. She says that her ideas to make a movie comes always from Bollywood, and that she’s very clear that her inspirations to make a movie has always come from the movies she has grown up watching.

She interacted with the fans by smartly answering their questions and ended the session with applauds by answering a very important question “Why are Bollywood actors paid more than actresses”? She replied, “I think it’s a worldwide phenomena and simple business. I don’t think it has anything to do with the gender that everyone jumps up. You get paid what you generate in business; its simple maths and its simple business.”

By: Sana Nooruddin