Peking Garden Northwood

peking_garden_logo_small2 2Peking Garden restaurant offers a comfortable, spacious and warm setting in which to enjoy your meal. With a capacity to seat up to 70 people and  a walnut panel bar for you to enjoy your beverages. 

The restaurant has been established for more than 20 years and has a reputation for producing high quality food. They aim to provide a relaxing yet sophisticated ambience for their customers to enjoy their meal. Their ethos is very simple, to serve excellent food coupled with professional and cheerful service.

Their cuisine originates from 3 specific Chinese provinces: Beijing, Canton, Sezcheun and also contains some pan-Asian influences. They have great variety within their menu ranging from the spicy peppery dishes of Sezcheun, the sweet & spicy dishes of Beijing and fresh seafood dishes from Canton, all are cooked from the finest ingredients. 

They are located in the historical conservation area of Moor Park residential estate which encompasses Moor Park Mansion and are situated a few minutes walk from Moor Park underground station.