UK Premiere: Victor’s History

UK Premiere: Victor’s History

Thu 4 April, 6.15pm | Rich Mix, London

Director: Nicolas Chevaillier
France, 78 mins, 2019, English, Hindi, French with English subtitles

Vic hires Dorian and Zuhair – a bullheaded documentary filmmaker; and a mild-mannered cameraman—to immortalize his personal hero and role model, his late father. Vic and Dorian fundamentally disagree about the integrity of their subject’s character and Zuhair is caught in the cross fire. As the three travel across France, they peel off the shiny veneer of Vic’s family legacy, exposing tangled cobwebs of secrets. Trapped between his past, present, and future, Vic struggles to keep control as everything he thought he knew, is flipped upside-down.

This screening will be followed by a Q&A with the film’s Director Nicolas Chevaillier and Producer Mr Shoaib Lokhandwala

Venue: Rich Mix, London
Thu 4 April, 6.15pm
Ticket Price: £10.95